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She actually had a job she liked, a boss she liked and a place to hang her hat. " Nicole hissed back, although quieter than before, "Fuck, fuck, fuck." Taken aback by this reaction Wynonna instantly asked, "What, Waverly didn't give it away? " * A few hours later Wynonna was awkwardly ushering Officer Haught into her home, the two of them barely saying a word to each other as the redhead followed the brunette into their living room, where the object of their desires was waiting for them.

It wasn't close to perfect, but for once Wynonna truly had a feeling of purpose, and a place she belonged. I considered offering to take a drive, but I thought that would imply I was going to kill you." Wynonna smiled, opening the door and holding it open for the redhead like a 'gentlewoman', and then noticing look was giving her quickly added, "I'm not." "Very reassuring." Nicole said dryly, stepping into the room, "What about a bar? Waverly smiled awkwardly, gave Officer Haught a big hug, and then one for Wynonna as well, maybe just to stop her from being jealous, which didn't work.

Most of all she felt truly loved by someone she truly loved. " "Believe me, I thought that." Wynonna groaned, shutting the door behind her after she entered the room, "But I couldn't risk anyone overhearing this." Officer Haught nodded in understanding and then there was a very long and very awkward pause. " Wynonna wasn't able to stop herself from quipping. Then Waverly and Officer Haught sat down on the couch together while Wynonna grabbed a beer from the coffee table, sat down in the nearby armchair and tried to engage in the awkward small talk which followed, the entire time thinking she didn't bring enough beer for this. Officer Haught looked even more awkward than she felt right now. Or would she run for the hills as soon as someone suggested to go upstairs?

And she was about to risk it all in the name of saving it, even though it would almost certainly make things worse. Which wasn't surprising as they were now standing in the room that Officer Haught had caught Wynonna and her sister Waverly arguing about their relationship, Officer Haught perhaps proving herself a competent detective in turn as she immediately put two and two together. "You and Waverly." Nicole said flatly, then after a telling pause added, "God dammit Wynonna, what the fuck! Honestly Wynonna hadn't been really expecting Officer Haught to say yes. Waverly was easily just as nervous, if not more so, than the other two women, but that was only natural under these circumstances. She never had a three way before, and she doubted Nicole had either.

Waverly had unfortunately confirmed her suspicions, but even if she hadn't Wynonna knew that it would have been difficult to try and convince Officer Haught that she wasn't fucking her own sister, and would almost certainly have to have this awkward conversation in which she tried to convince her that such a taboo relationship wasn't wrong. She really only did it to soothe her guilty conscience, because this way if Waverly broke up with her in the future and complained that she could have had something with Nicole then Wynonna could point out that her baby sister had more than enough chances to pick her instead, and Wynonna went out of her way to try and make her pick somebody else. Wynonna had, but that was with guys, and more importantly not anyone that she gave a shit about. So Waverly spent most of the night thinking of the right words to ease them into the subject, but ultimately concluded that this was one of those situations were it was better to let actions speak for her.

That, that Waverly would come to me and explain it was a big misunderstanding, and that she..." Nicole trailed off briefly, "Fuck Wynonna! There was a brief pause and then Nicole grumbled, "I should arrest you, you know? " "That Waverly is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I love her." Wynonna said firmly, "I know it's wrong, but I don't care. See, even though the thought of you just looking at Waverly makes my blood boil, I do want what's best for her. I can't just back off and let you have your turn, but maybe there's a more mutually pleasurable arrangement to be had.

"Not in the south." Wynonna quipped, quickly adding, "Or at least not in this state. As long as we are both of age, which we are, and it's consensual, which it is, we're not legally doing anything wrong." "Oh, so just morally then? "I don't doubt it." Wynonna replied knowingly, before sighing, "But...

" Wynonna said flatly, "I don't expect you to understand, but as there hasn't been angry villagers with pitchforks and torches after me I'm guessing you haven't told nobody, and for that I wanted to say thank you." "I didn't do that for you." Nicole said coldly.

I did come here to try and convince you to stay quiet." "You don't have too." Nicole said flatly, "I would never do anything that would hurt Waverly." "Well, we have that at least in common." Wynonna smiled. " Nicole questioned, and then when Wynonna gave her a look she grumbled, "Don't look at me like that Wynonna. She's not my sister." Nicole shrugged, and then sighed, "And I...

Although if she was going to take the initiative on this she needed to be at least a little tipsy, and she got the impression the small talk made Nicole as relaxed as possible for what she was about to do, especially as it was something out of the norm.

After all, it wasn't everyday someone saw two sisters kissing, especially when one of them was someone they liked.

Then Waverly slowly got up, made her way from the sofa to the chair where Nicole was sitting on, got into her lap and gave the redhead a gentle kiss, this one much longer than the one she had given Wynonna.

When she finally broke the kiss Waverly was a little breathless, but she just about managed to ask, "Do you wanna come upstairs? Anyway, her friend smiled back, took Waverly's hand and allowed herself to be pulled out of that chair.

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